General Information. 

Transiters is focused on promoting better public transportation.

Transiters is an independent group of transit users working with citizen organizations, transit agencies, government and elected officials at all levels for improvements to transit service. High on our objectives are sound transit investment and support for holding meetings and locating office facilities in transit accessible locations. Better transit benefits everyone.

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While the automobile is the dominant transportation mode, alternate forms of transportation--walking, biking, public transit, etc.--play an important role as well. Alternate transportation has a number of advantages over private automobile, including lower personal cost, lower infrastructure cost, lower dependence on oil, lower emissions, and it provides mobility to a broader socio-economic spectrum.

Transiters noun. 1. people who are in transit. 2. an initiative intended to improve the experience of people in transit.

transiter verbe intransitif. Sens 1 Voyager en transit.
transiter verbe transitif. Sens 1 Faire passer en transit.
You will find information about transit service, including information about how to measure transit service and information about upcoming events of interest, elsewhere on this site.