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Ask Virginia Legislators to Support Public Transit

posted Jan 3, 2014, 9:46 AM by Info@ Transiters
Tomorrow's meeting--Saturday, January 4--of the Fairfax County delegation to the Virginia General Assembly illustrates a problem with public transportation.

One resident complained that it will take him over three hours to get to the 9 AM meeting on public transit. Starting at the Franconia-Springfield Metrorail Station, by public transit this is a two hour and fifty-five minute trip, six times as long as the twenty-four minute trip by private vehicle. Starting at the West Falls Church Metrorail Station, you CAN NOT get to the hearing by 9 AM, while the trip by private vehicle takes only eighteen minutes.

At the hearing, we'll be asking every legislator to do the following:

1. endorse the principle of meeting in transit accessible locations.
2. introduce and support legislation to measure the accessibility of state and local government facilities.
3. introduce and support legislation to require state and local government organizations a) take transit accessibility into consideration in their operations, b) use transit accessible locations whenever possible, and c) coordinate their operations with local public transit agencies.

Public transit has a wide range of benefits beyond simply making it easier for everyone to participate in the democratic process. Whatever your motivation, ask your legislators to support better public transit, and show your support for these efforts!