Day    To?    Time    TAI (R7)
Su    Arrvl    9:00    1.9
Su    Dprtr    12:00    1.9
Wk    Arrvl    8:00    1.8
Wk    Dprtr    17:00    1.7
Wk    Arrvl    19:00    1.7
Wk    Dprtr    21:00    1.7

Common Name: CUMC
Other Name(s): Central United Methodist Church, Ballston, Virginia
Street Address: 4201 FAIRFAX DR
City, State, Zip: ARLINGTON VA 22203-1606
Web Site:
Notes: "A church you can walk to." Community partners include A-SPAN, Aikido of NoVA, Kinhaven School, and UMC in NOVA.
Keywords: abbey, basilica, bethel, cathedral, chancel, chantry, chapel, church, churches, faith, fold, house of God, house of prayer, house of worship, houses of worship, Lord's house, minster, mission, mosque, oratory, parish, religion, religious, religious institution, sacellum, sanctuary, shrine, synagogue, tabernacle, temple