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To: "Virginia Department of Transportation" <>, "Secretary of Transportation" <>
cc: "Transiters" <>

Subject: VDOT must evaluate transit-first options for I66

Message: I believe that the public deserves a better solution to I66 problems Outside the Beltway. Adding more highway lanes is not an effective long-term solution to the transportation needs of residents and commuters in the I66 Corridor. The current proposed solution would cause enormous disruptions to many communities and have significant impacts on neighborhoods, our air, and our streams.  VDOT’s environmental analysis does not adequately study these impacts or possible alternatives that would avoid these impacts entirely.

Any long-term solution on I66 must include a focus on building more walkable and bikeable communities near transit. More walkable and bikeable communities are already being developed in and near the I66 corridor. More and more businesses want to locate near transit, and more and more people want to live near transit. A major transportation investment of this magnitude should offer real transportation options for the future, putting transit first and providing needed connections for biking and walking.

I66 could add new bus transit service without needing to add any new pavement.  VDOT could also focus on fixing bottlenecks such as the Route 28 interchange before committing to the expensive and disruptive course of widening the entire 25-mile stretch of the highway.

Please prepare a Tier 2 Environmental Impact Statement that evaluates a broader range of alternatives, including a transit-first approach.

Sincerely yours